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  • May 25, 2016
  • Are we becoming too greedy? A couple of the girls that I work with at Depthford escorts seem to want to have everything that they see. One of the girls are always buying new handbags and they are all designer handbags. I think that you can become too greedy and forget to save. Lots of the girls at the agency do earn a lot of money and they do spend too much. It must feel like they have tons of money and they think that they can afford everything. It is easily done and I think it happens to a lot of girls who move from places like Poland to the UK.

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    I must admit that I have always liked to save money. It is not that I am tight or anything like that, I am just careful with money. Most of the girls at the agency want to have really fancy cars. When you live in London, there is really no need to have a fancy car. I have a little car which works just fine for me. Most of the time I only drive it about twice a week as parking here in London is so bad. The car goes to the supermarket once a well and it may go to one of the greener areas of Depthford once a week when I fancy some fresh air.


    On top of that I am not really into buying tons of stuff. I live in a two bedroom apartment which is not exactly large. There is room for me and my bits and pieces, but like I say to the girls at Depthford escorts, I rather pay off the mortgage. Most of the girls at Depthford escorts take on these fantastic apartments and end up worrying about the rent. I don’t want to go down that route and it certainly would not be for me at all. I like my apartment and it has a lovely balcony which faces south for all of my plants.


    Clothes are okay to buy but you can only wear so much. Lots of the Polish girls at Depthford escorts are always buying designer gear but I find that Next or BooHoo work for me. I would love to have a frock from Chanel but I simply cannot justify the expense. Some of my gents have bought me some special treats like nice scarves and bags, and I make the most of them. I have also been treated to other nice things like perfume and I make the most of it. There is no way I am going to spend £100 on a body lotion.


    Looking after your money is all about being sensible. Some of the girls at Depthford escorts laugh when I say that I keep a spreadsheet of all the money that I spend. I cannot help and I know that I save a lot of money this way. It just takes one quick look and I can see where all of my money is going. It is nuts perhaps but I have always believed in the value of money. One day I am sure that I will be grateful for my frugal living practices and be happy that I have some extra money in the bank.

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