My Escorts Addiction

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  • February 6, 2017
  • Some of my friends will not believe me when I say that I have an escort’s addiction, but I do. It started long before I started to date Guilford escorts in and I cannot do anything about it. It used to worry me, but now I know that it cannot to me any harm. At one time, it was so bad that I was forced to see a sex therapist. She could not get rid of my addiction, but she certainly helped me to tone it down a bit. That helped a lot me a lot and got me sorted out a bit better.

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    What made me see a sex therapist? Before I dated Guilford escorts, I used to date elite escorts. Anybody who date escorts know that it can cost a fortune to date escorts. Elite escorts are really expensive and in the end I could not afford it any more. I almost had to declare myself bankrupt to get rid of some of my debts. Now I wish that I would have sought help a lot sooner. To be honest, I was really too embarrassed to seek help and I did not know which way to turn.


    In general, I am pretty hooked on sex and I love everything sex. My flat is packed with porn movies that I have bought. Recently I have got into Hentai porn in a big way and I am spending a fair bit of money on that as well. I have actually been able to control my finances so that is really good. I know that if I spend too much money on porn movies and Hentain, I am not going to be able to date the sexy ladies at Guilford escorts.


    At the moment, I have a porn budget as I call it. It includes everything like my Hentai, porn videos and dating Guilford escorts. It helps me a lot, and when I feel that I am going to lose control, I just go back to see the therapist. We talk about how I feel and what is going on in life in general. I have come to appreciate that dating escorts is fine, but I am actually doing it because of a reason and that is good to know.


    Before I met my sex therapist, I used to feel really guilty about dating escorts. She has changed all of that and that was a relief. As a matter of fact, my sex therapist used to work for Guilford escorts so that is how I found out about them. Most of the girls at the agency know about my little problem and they take it in their stride. I worry less about it now and I also feel that I can talk to the girls at the agency about it. That helps a lot and I am sure that it has over the years become part of the solution. Perhaps one day I will be able to stop dating escorts but I am not going to worry about it.

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