Is my new date a con man?

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  • March 17, 2017
  • One night after I finished my shift at Harrow escorts, I met this really nice guy. At first, I was not sure what to think but we started to have a chat and we got on well. It was the first time in ages a guy had bought me a drink and not expected anything in return. It was really refreshing and I was happy to give him my phone number. When he phoned me a few days later, I was completely over excited to hear from him.

    interesting relationship with harrow escorts

    He was that kind of guy that you feel that you can trust straight away. We started to talk on our second date and I even told him about Harrow escorts. To my surprise, he did not have a problem with that at all. Instead he asked me if I had done well, and I told him that I had been able to do really well. To be honest, I know that I spilled the beans a little bit too soon. I liked him so much that I was really anxious when it came to letting him into my life.

    On the next date, I invited him to my place that I had bought with my earnings from Harrow escorts. I thought that I should try to see if he was interested in taking the relationship further. When we talked about it, he said that he certainly was, but he was not in a rush at all. That impressed me even more. Instead of going to bed with each other, we ended up talking about my finances. By the end of the evening, he knew exactly how much I had in the bank. To be fair, I was pretty sure that he had by now realised that I was pretty hopeless with money.

    The next time that we met up, he asked me to come around to his place. He said that he had something that he wanted me to see. His place was lovely and I could tell that he had done for himself in London. He almost reminded me of some of the gents that I date at Harrow escorts. We had a lovely meal, and then he sat me down to talk about money. He told me that he thought that I was not making enough out of money and I should perhaps get him to invest them for me. I have to admit that I felt worried, but I listened any way.

    He did not push me or anything like that, and I took that as a sign that he was genuine. I mentioned it to the girls at Harrow escorts, and they told me to be careful. When I spoke to him the next time, he asked me if I wanted him to invest my money. I almost said yes, but then I started to worry again. He had never told me who he worked for and if I would have access. It told him that I needed to check a few thing out and I am glad that I did. A couple of days later when I went around to his flat to tell him I was okay about everything, he had disappeared. It was clear that my guy was a bit of a conman and I realised that I had escaped by the skin of my teeth.

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