I like handcuffs but not that much

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  • February 13, 2018
  • My boyfriend says that I am a little bit too kinky at times. I really can’t help it. The gentlemen I date at London escorts have told me so many kinky stories and have some many fetishes, that my poor little blonde head is full of ideas. I have even thought about starting a bucket list with all the help of my kinky dates at London escorts, but I am not sure that if it would be too much for my poor boyfriend who seems to be on London escorts overload at the moment. A sexy client who booked me at the best outcall escorts told me this kinky story about how he screwed a former girlfriend over the bonnet of his car. I thought to myself that I would rather fancy that and I asked my boyfriend if he would go for the idea. He sort of looked at me and asked me if it was one of my kinky ideas that I had got from my gentlemen at London escorts. I had to admit that I was naughty and told him that it was an idea that I had come up with on my own. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
    At first I was not sure that my boyfriend would go for it or not, but after a little bit of persuasion and old fashioned charm, I did manage to get my boyfriend to go for the idea. On my next weekend off from London escorts, we would take a break out on in the country somewhere and try to fulfill our kinky dream. Well, at least it was kind of my kinky dream that I wanted to pursue. I am sure that my boyfriend is kind of getting used to my adventures by now. Normally, I pick a City location hotel for us when we go away, but on this occasion, I picked a small bed and breakfast in a village in Essex, It sounded remote enough for us to fulfill our kinky dream, and I even made sure that I had checked out some of the lanes around the village using Google earth. The other girls at the escort agency in London could not believe all of the trouble I was going to make sure that I could fulfill my fantasy.
    The little Bed and Breakfast was lovely and I adored the landlady right away. We asked her where we could park our car to go for a walk in the country, and she directed us to a small lane not very far from the village. It was the perfect location for our naughty treat away from London escorts, but little did I know that there had been a big problem with game poaching in the area. As we started to enjoy ourselves on the bonnet of my boyfriend’s car, I heard a noise. A gentleman who was clearly an undercover police stood up, and said in a loud booming voice “It is not exactly what I call poaching, but I could still have you arrested for that.” That is when we decided to limit our sexy adventures to only include indoor activities.

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