I do not want to leave my London escort at all.

  • projetoulisses
  • January 11, 2019

    I do not know where my life is going yet to yet, my long-time girlfriend is telling me that she is ready to leave me and the reason is very obvious. I am starting lose those everything I have because of my drug addiction. I do not keep it a secret from her and she truly gets upset every time she looks at me. My girlfriend is a London escort and she does truly loves me, even if I am the kind of man who does not know what he is doing most of the time she does not care at all. This London escort have loved me even at the lowest point of my life. I do not know what else I should do in my life if I ever lose this woman ever again. I do not want to risk of losing her. This London escort is the one true woman for me she may even be the last chance for me ever getting a chance at marriage. I know that it’s a really hard act to fallow being a good guy at the time for me. But I feel like I do not have a choice now. if I continue what I am doing. I am real sure that my London escort girlfriend would leave me; I am not even going to blame her for doing that at all. I have been tough for her and the things that she wants from me.

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    I just hope that I can be a better man for her but I can’t. First of all I have to take over my addiction I would lose my London escort guaranteed. All I can do for now is to wait for the right timing and make sure that my life is on tract. There’s always going to be a lot of problems now that I do not have anything else in my life but that is totally fine. The moment that I will have problems with myself I would just try to let the woman that I most love go. I feel like I could not possibly make her stay with me because she deserves to be happy. I know that this woman is the only chance I got to being happy. Overcoming my addiction should me my top priority for now. If I am unable to do it then my life would fall apart very quickly. I know that things have been tough between me and my London escort girlfriend lately but that is totally fine. I am used to the kind of feelings by now. I know that my life is not the same as it was before but if my favourite London escort leaves me it could go much worst. Thankfully I believe that I am having a lot of progress. It’s enough for my girlfriend to stay with me. She told me that if I should keep this up maybe she would not leave at all.

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