A relationship must be healthy for our health and not a cause of traumatic depression.

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  • May 27, 2019


    Have you ever been in a situation where you have the person in your dreams but becomes a nightmare? Well, some people choose to stay in a relationship even their lives become miserable said by a girl who worked for Tottenham Court Road Escort Agency. Studies show that staying in an abusive relationship develops a mental illness along the way, like anxiety, fear, depression, etc. And these symptoms also can lead to severe problems like killing yourself or harm people. Most of the people choose to be a martyr than leaving the person or afraid to be alone said by a girl who worked for Tottenham Court Road Escort Agency. You know being alone is better than be with someone who continues to hurt and put you down.

    My name is Jessi; I live in Tottenham Court Road for twenty-six years. I have been in a relationship and ended it in quite some time now. We have been together for eleven years. We are a high school sweetheart, and he is my first boyfriend. I still can recall the first day we meet said by a girl who worked for Tottenham Court Road Escort Agency at https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-escorts; he is the most handsome guy I know in the campus and chase by the girls because of high sex appeal. We also became classmates.

    He is smart and always on top of the class. And I admired him even more. He had noticed me during prom and asked me to dance. I feel the most beautiful lady that day, I felt nervous, and my body is shaking. After that day, we start exchanged messages and social media. We both do our homework and projects. We became close and eventually in a relationship. Our relationship is fun and lovely.

    We are on each other’s side and graduate together. I am so in love with him that during my college I choose we live together. I can’t express my happiness when I am with him, and it feels like you are in the safest place in the world. But when things fall apart, that is also the same sadness you feel. Everything changed after three years we live; he arrived late at night and drunk. He instantly irritated and beat me. He becomes a monster, and I can’t make it anymore to him.

    I split with him, and it’s devastating. I even stop school to avoid him and isolated myself back home. Months passed, I became a Tottenham Court Road escort to forget the past and move on. Everyone accepted me and treated me well. Positive people surround me, and it feels good. Little by little, pain started to fade, and I have set new rules for myself. I choose to look forward and start a new beginning. And my bravery starts when I became a Tottenham Court Road Escort.

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